• To establish International Natya Shala’s (Dance colleges) with Hostel facilities based on Bhartiya Natya Shastra (Indian classical dance).
  • In India too, Goswamiji has been training hundreds of boys and girls every year and thus converting them into perfect artists who enact Ram Lila and Ras Lila in different parts of the country under the guidance of Goswamiji. This in itself is a unique feat, where hundreds of new artist are created every year. This is an insuperable contribution by Goswamiji to the world of art.
  • Goswamiji has been successfully creating interest in foreign nationals by involving them in enactment of Ram Lila’s and Ras Lila’s in their own native places. He has been helping and encouraging them by conducting workshops providing them with latest techniques in dance. Drama, Music, Stage lighting, costume, Mask, Head Gear, Ornament, Make up & set Designing. A few of such foreign branches have already established themselves on solid foundations. These foundations have invited Goswamiji to bless them. During the morning session Goswamiji has been giving lectures on Yoga, Darshan and other aspects of Sanatan Dharma. In the evening sessions they have provided immense joy by enactment of Ramayana, Ras Lila employing latest techniques. It is really a unique achievement and a moment of pride for the foundation.
  • To establish ‘Nanu Dhams’ (orphanages) to provide education and training through Gurukul Tradition to enable them to lead a respectable life with dignity.
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