• Goswamiji emphasise the importance of ancient Sanatan Dharma as it is the religion of Humanity. It does not belong to any cast, creed or nation. It is universal and shall remain as long as there is life on earth. It is utmost necessary for the prosperity & happiness of human society. Goswamiji has laid down following guide lines for the achievement of his missions.
  • He emphasis on the importance and use of Tulsi, pious cow, use of mustard oil in earthen lamps daily morning & evening and use of Bhagvadhwaj of Sanatan Dharma on every house top.
  • He teaches value of Brotherhood, Embodiments of Love, victory of truth over evil for the social upliftment in this era of ‘KALYUGA’. Through ‘Ramayana’, he is trying hard to spread the light of religion in the all directions of the world. His religious elucidations help everybody to escape from the world of tensions and complications. He is enlightening the Indians living in the India or abroad by the grace of Rama, Krishna, Geeta, Ganga, Gayatree, Guru Govind, Gau etc.
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